Natures Soul Time Mindfulness and Earth-based Nature Therapy
We believe that ecotherapy techniques can help people to achieve their potential in all aspects of life, from relationships to education and professional pursuits. It all starts from within.

Our full-day sessions will help you rediscover the beauty in the outdoors and use nature to soothe and restore health in body and mind. You will come away with the tools to enhance your every day experiences and recapture your peace during difficult times.

Key Benefits

Nurturing your soul in nature.

Personal healing and healing for the earth.

Reconnecting with nature and ultimately with our inner nature.

Self-discovery through art and nature.

Create moments that let earth teach.

People of diverse faith and culture are brought together by the sacred connecton of all creation through our art work and personal experience in nature.

Care for the natural environment, learn to care and nurture ourselves.

Space for inward reflection is potential for transformation as we become conscious of our interconnectivity with the world around us.

"Look deep into nature and then you will know everything better.”

- Albert Einstein

"Understanding one's existence, as such, is always an understanding of the world."

- Martin Heidegger

Therapy outside builds on our experience of breathing, moving and being in the natural world, developing a pathway for understanding and making changes to our inner world."

- Alan Watts